DAPL Whistleblower’s Agenda Exposed

July 10, 2017

Kourtni Dockter, a temporary part time security guard for Dakota Access Pipeline (dismissed after failing a criminal background check) was recently interviewed on Facebook Livestream by Aubree Peckham of ActivateNOW and Mike Fasig. Kourtni caused a stir with her accusations of illegal tactics and questionable activities by TigerSwan, an advisory firm to Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Kourtni Dockter had no interaction with or connection to TigerSwan, but claims to know insider information and have evidence of wrongdoing.

Her allegations were so outrageous, and provided zero evidence other than what she claims to have been told by Kyle Thompson, her ex-boyfriend, that we launched our own investigation to find the truth. We immediately discovered Kourtni’s own criminal background, plus several conflicts of interest from Mike Fasig. In our opinion, the entire interview was staged, and intended to provide false evidence to support Mike Fasig’s own impending criminal court case.

Kourtni’s arrest records and multiple convictions, and her activity on social media, cast even more doubt on her statements and state of mind. It is clear to any objective observer that nothing she says should be taken seriously and certainly not at face value. Documents related to Kourtni’s criminal history and multiple convictions for drugs, conspiracy, fraud, and forgery are attached below.

Mike Fasig is facing criminal charges of his own and is currently a defendant for his alleged involvement in an event where Kourtni’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle Thompson, acting as security for a sub-contractor related to the pipeline, was aggressively and violently run off the road by protester camp security (headed by Mike Fasig), resulting in an armed confrontation with a mob of people before the Bureau of Indian Affairs arrived to take control of the situation. This raises the question of whether or not this “interview” was designed to create false evidence to present to the court on Fasig’s behalf, while characterizing it as an unsolicited whistle-blower testimony to portray TigerSwan in a negative light.

The interview itself is staged in a small motel room with all three lounging around on a bed, acting as if they are in mortal fear for their lives from merciless angels of death mercenaries slinking about in the shadows. They also later set up PayPal accounts for donations to help them stay on the run. This self-generated paranoia, combined with dramatic pleas for help and safety are designed to manipulate sympathies for money. This is a common tactic of fake water protectors and activist agitators.

Kourtni’s allegations include claims that TigerSwan is responsible for setting vehicles on fire, issuing shoot-to-kill orders, authorizing the use of deadly force, instigating and inciting violence to justify more severe law enforcement responses, and much more. She offers absolutely no evidence for any of this, other than statements she alleges Kyle Thompson might have told her nearly ten months ago. Given her pride in being sober for almost 20 days in the interview, it is not a far stretch to wonder if she was high or inebriated during the alleged conversations with Kyle.

The Facts:

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), initially worked with multiple security contractors to protect the pipeline construction, as well as workers. These firms included Leighton, Thompson-Gray, RGT Security, Knightsbridge, 10Code, and several others (all of various experience and reputation).

In one well documented event in September 2016, a journalist from DemocracyNOW! captured video of nearly 300 Native American protesters breaching a fence, trespassing on private property, and mobbing a handful of construction workers and maybe half a dozen security guards. While the protesters effectively rioted and assaulted the guards and workers with thrown objects, flag poles, and nearly trampling with horses, they also brought feral camp dogs of their own (unleashed). The unarmed security guards did the best they could to keep the attacking mob at bay with their guard dogs (leashed). Several of these dogs were severely beaten by the protesters and needed emergency medical care. The more aggressive protesters did not escape unscathed, either, showing various scrapes and what seemed to be dog bites to the cameras.

The video was heavily edited and then published, claiming that DAPL security guards attacked praying women and children maliciously and with brutality, forcing the guard dogs to maul the protesters. Worse, it came out later that the dog handlers were not properly licensed. Things began to degrade rapidly at this point.

ETP responded by engaging a North Carolina firm called TigerSwan to come in and get things in order. The company immediately took control over the security firms by consolidating and streamlining communications and management. TigerSwan also cleaned house of bad actors and unlicensed workers.

Over the next several months, TigerSwan remained in this high-level position, while other firms provided the on-the-ground security guards. TigerSwan also tightly coordinated with law enforcement, providing them with accurate reports of criminal activity conducted by the fringe activists and protesters (trespassing, stalking, cyber-bullying, threats, hate crimes, etc.)

According to publicly-known information, TigerSwan also staffed up “intel analysts” to collect open source public information (Twitter, blogs, Facebook posts, etc.) where protesters were publishing threats or planning to engage in “direct action” (code word for terrorism activities) to sabotage or destroy equipment, assault law enforcement, or attack ETP employees. Many of these analysts were decorated military veterans with deep backgrounds in law enforcement, counter-intelligence, and analyst backgrounds.

TigerSwan did consult with industry subject matter experts (SMEs) on technology, social media, and public relations in order to develop comprehensive strategies for countering radical left-wing propaganda and fake news published by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the PR firm they engaged (Pyramid Communications), and various “news” outlets like Democracy Now, Unicorn Riot, and The Young Turks.

Based on public information, and after thoroughly examining the stolen and subsequently leaked confidential “Situation Reports” (SITREPS) that were published recently by The Intercept, we believe that this is an accurate description of the beginning of TigerSwan’s role at Standing Rock.

A significant part of the early discussion in the interview is related to an event that occurred in mid-late October, when a security guard for one of the contractors (believed to be Knightsbridge Risk Management), named Kyle Thompson (Kourtni’s ex-boyfriend), drove his pickup through an area blockaded by protesters, and was immediately and violently run off the road by other protesters driving several vehicles. They later claimed to be camp security (unlicensed security guards), managed by Mike Fasig. After running him off the road, several dozen protesters charged Kyle’s truck. Kyle escaped, pulling a bandana around his face to hide his identity, and pulling what appears to be an AR-15 out of the truck.

At this point the mob threatens and harasses Kyle, forcing him to flee into the nearby water, almost hip deep, begging the mob to back off. Several others were waving various weapons at him and shouting for the others to “get” him. The situation was eventually calmed, the BIA arrived, and Kyle was arrested and taken away. The protesters set his truck on fire, burning it to a crisp.

As with the previous dog incident, a highly edited version of the video was released by the activists, claiming that armed DAPL security had attacked prayerful protesters and threatened them with assault weapons. This was later debunked with a full and unedited version of video from a helicopter monitoring the area.

It was later shown that Kyle was acting on his own, his actions were not authorized, and he certainly was not authorized to be armed or carrying a weapon. He felt he needed it to do his job due to the previous threats against DAPL workers and other acts of violence from the activists.

Kyle was fired shortly after this.

It should be noted that one of the “camp security” drivers that ran Kyle off the road is alleged to be none other than Mike Fasig…one of Kortni’s interviewers. At the time, Mike Fasig was recognized as the head of Standing Rock camp security. Mike Fasig did not disclose this during the interview. He also neglects to mention that there are felony criminal charges pending against him for the events here. We note that he basically admits to discussing things with Kourtni before the video. It is not hard to imagine he is creating evidence to help him avoid a conviction and staging it as an unprompted admission of a whistle-blower.

Some time later, likely around mid-December, it is believed that Kourtni Dockter gained employment with another security contracting firm – EH Investigations or possibly Leighton. She worked as a lowest level security guard, entrusted with watching over a parking lot of equipment, similar to how seasonal mall security is in charge of watching cars parked in extended or remote parking lots. Within a few weeks, the company finally got around to doing background checks and discovered Kourtni’s extensive criminal history, even for someone as young as she is.

It is clear to anyone doing research and investigating this, that Kourtni was never in any position to be party to any supervisory or management information, and was nothing more than a parking lot attendant. Therefore, there’s no way she had inside information about TigerSwan that she claimed to have in her interview.

We were unable to get a statement from Kyle Thompson, but others familiar with the couple suggested that they recently split up at Kyle’s prompting, and Kourtni set out to get even with him, prompting her fantastical claims about his actions and fabricated stories about TigerSwan, Law Enforcement, and Energy Transfer Partners.

She has a well-established criminal record for drug abuse, fraud, and forgery, as well as a drinking problem. Her so-called testimony can’t be validated or corroborated with credible evidence and as such should be discounted.

This deceptive interview, as staged by Mike Fasig, Kourtni Docter, and Aubree Peckham of ActivateNOW has spawned other fake news stories, and seemingly validated other fabrications alleging any number of illegal or outrageous actions by TigerSwan. To date, there is absolutely zero evidence to back up any of these claims, and most interactions that are cited were actually with various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies – never TigerSwan.

During the writing of this article we were unable to find a single instance of direct interaction between any TigerSwan employee/contractor and protesters/activists. Even so, many activists and protesters continue to confuse law enforcement with imagined TigerSwan involvement and activities.

One final note: It has been reported that the North Dakota Private Investigative and Security Board is suing TigerSwan for providing security guard services without a permit or license. This is incorrect. In actuality, the North Dakota Board is seeking an injunction (not a lawsuit) for TigerSwan to stop providing such services without a license, even though TigerSwan is no longer operating in the state of North Dakota.

We feel this is politically driven, since the Board is comprised of multiple other security agencies that have a vested interest in making sure no outside entities are licensed in the state. This also explains why the Board denied a license to TigerSwan multiple times, even though the company met all of the licensing requirements – including a clean history and no criminal charges for the CEO, James Reese.

Moral of the story? Don’t write fake news articles based on the half-drunken storytelling of a known fraud, staged by an interviewer with pending criminal charges who would benefit from fabricated statements to help them clear his name.

Really people, this is almost as bad as CNN.


Register of Actions Case No. 47-2014-CR-00275

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