Louisiana’s Energy Industry Threatened By Out Of State Protest Group. Here’s What We Know.

July 10, 2017

By Yancy Bienvenu, Louisiana First!

One of the biggest and most important oil lines in the state’s history is about to begin construction, and there’s a new protest group forming that’s trying to stop it’s construction – and in the process, slow the progress of Louisiana.

The group is led by a woman from Rayne, LA named Cherri Foytlin (pictured above). She’s a very poor woman whose husband worked in the oil industry. So, she understands just how important oil jobs are to the Bayou State. But, she’s still trying to stop oil here once and for all. That’s nuts!

Besides Foytlin, there are actually a large number of other ‘non-profit’ organizations, as well as quite a large number of ‘grassroots’ organizers beginning to mobilize against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Here’s the catch – all of the pipeline proponents are being paid by large liberal umbrella organizations to protest the pipeline.

We have to ask – are these people motivated to stop oil because they truly feel oil is bad for the state, or are they shills for left-leaning, billion dollar organizations who are funded by people who don’t even live in Louisiana? These organizations have to protest oil projects in order to justify their paychecks. And now, we’re the target.

Is that fair? Is that progress?

According to many people who know her, Cherri Foytlin is mad that the oil industry laid her husband off from his oil job, and claims pipeline construction is the reason her home was flooded by rain last summer. So now she’s rallying folks like the Gulf Restoration Network and the Sierra Club to help her stop oil once and for all in our fine state.

Is that even realistic? No one in Louisiana wants oil production to stop. As far as we’re concerned, she and her hippie friends can move to California. And, let’s pray to God those same protesters who destroyed North Dakota while protesting at Standing Rock don’t come here to join her cause.

We all know how vitally important energy is to the state’s budget. A ton of people in Louisiana earn a living from oil and gas production.

Louisiana can be one of the best states in the south. We have more culture and hard working people than any of our southern neighbors. While tourism, entertainment and agriculture are a step in helping our state grow, we need a solid financial base as we progress toward a new Louisiana. Frankly, we need energy production to survive.


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