Water Protector Leaks Details On Shocking Camp Life

August 14, 2017

The Black Badger Report has been in communication with a former member of a pipeline protest camp, who reached out to us to tell us the reality of living in desolate camp, filled with cult-like brainwashing, deviant sexual behavior, domestic abuse, livestock theft, alleged rapes, drug use, animal abuse, and financial fraud. He admitted he has an axe to grind after the abuse he suffered, and he wanted to clear his conscience, just like other ex-campers have done with other sites. 

Women may not want to step foot in a pipeline protest camp ever again.

We agreed to pay a small amount of money in exchange for the water protector telling us some examples of what they had experienced behind the scenes in camp. His story corroborate’s other leaks of camp life that have been sent to us recently. We also agreed to keep his identity anonymous. (You can find a screenshot of our conversation with him at the bottom of the leaked post below.)

The following is the first part of his story sent so far, after accepting the first payment. We present it in its entirety, unedited, other than redacting the names of individuals for privacy purposes. If you have visited the camp, you know who you are.

That is the end of the first leak from our informant. He has demanded more money, and we are waiting on additional leaks.

Here are some screenshots from our conversation with the leak before he provided the above material.



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