Russia Funding Environmental Activist Groups To Shake Up American Energy Markets

August 30, 2017

According to recent media reports, there are suspicious connections between Russians and anti-oil, American based environmental groups. The speculation is as follows: Millions of dollars in Russian money has been used to fund anti-fracking environmental rights extremist groups (EREs) in order to disrupt the American energy production industry.

The consensus among mainstream reports is Russia is concerned about the U.S. becoming less reliant on natural gas imports, and that any threat to Russia’s dominance in the energy space is bad for the Russians.

The story has been picked up by Newsweek, NPR, The National Review, and The Daily Caller among other large publications.

According to Newsweek, “The Russian government has been colluding with environmental groups to circulate “disinformation” and “propaganda” aimed at undermining hydraulic fracturing. Commonly called fracking, the process makes it possible to access natural gas deposits.

Newsweek goes on to report that, “Russia wants to maintain dependence on imported Russian gas.”

This theory coincides with many reports that have been circulating among both mainstream media and in social circles, claiming a suspicious funding source for pro-activist camps throughout America, which have sprung up in large numbers over the last year. These anarchist camps have received a large amount of funding in places ranging from North Dakota’s Standing Rock to anti-Enbridge camps in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in Pennsylvania, where several small cells have received mainstream media coverage in their fight against the Mariner East II pipeline.

For example, a small group of organizers have been staging a resistance at Camp White Pine in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. This group was featured on Russia Today (RT) – a communist funded television station owned by the Russian government. Below are screengrabs of that conversation.

Not only did Russians send reporters into Huntingdon to feature camp members, the camp’s leader posted about Russian helicopters circling over their camp back in June.

“What we’re seeing is an influx of international attention to the U.S. energy sector due to the fact that Americans are becoming even more self reliant, energy wise,” said Mark Morales, Senior Fellow for the Global Sustainable Energy Institute. “The Russians have a lot to gain by disrupting American energy input, and have realized that in most cases, grassroots efforts are far more effective at doing so than by using big-handed political maneuvers, especially with (President) Trump in office.”

For the Russians, having an impact on protests like these is a big coup, socially as well. The recent rise of Antifa, anarchy, and small communism-supporting cells only makes Russia even happier.

“Folks inside the Kremlin aren’t shy about how thrilled they are about the current uprisings and protests in America, I promise you that,” Morales said.

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